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This was my "bad" idea.

To start off, my manifesto and the way I presented my manifesto don’t share correlation. Instead, I took my manifesto, practiced it, then created this site with these practices in mind. My manifesto talks about, taking an idea and allowing that idea to grow. The idea I had in my mind at the time was about the internet as a pseudo vehicle through the fourth dimension. This idea came from a video I watched that tries to help you imagine the eleventh dimension. That video is the voice that you hear if you played the audio at the top of the cite. You can watch the full video here. I took the idea of fourth dimension and the internet and allowed it to grow into this cite.

Special thanks to Silas Munro, Frankie Hamersma and the rest of my Communication Studio class for their guidance and inspiration. Check out my socials and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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